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Print-Rite’s PR3 dongle gear solution is 100% patent safe

Print-Rite’s PR3 dongle gear solution is 100% patent safe

A perfect example of Print-Rite design innovation and commitment to 100% IP products is our own patented PR3 gear solution.

Canon has confirmed our PR3 products do not infringe any of the asserted claims of the patents asserted in the recent ITC case. More specifically, Canon confirms our PR3 products, including NL-CE505 (III), NL-CF280X (III), NL-CF226A (II) and NL-CF226X (II), would be outside the scope of any remedial orders that may be issued at the conclusion of this case.

This confirmation from Canon means our clients have the freedom and peace of mind to continue to import and to sell these confirmed PR3 products without  fear of prosecution by the OEM.

Patent Safe Dongle Gear Solutions for following cartridge models:-

 HPQ CF280                                   CAN CRG-041

HPQ CE255                                   CAN CRG-052

HPQ CF287                                   COMP HPQ


 Please contact your Print Rite Representative for more details.

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