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PR-2 Dongle Gear keeps resellers safe

PR-2 Dongle Gear keeps resellers safe

Dongle gear within toner cartridges and patent infringements have been a hot topic for some time, but now the issue is starting to get really serious – and costly – for the resellers of the products in question!

Canon are the owner of HP’s patents and are currently serving ‘cease and desist’ demands on SME resellers in Europe who are selling products which are using a dongle gear that infringes Canon’s patent.

This means that Canon are demanding a settlement fee, a fine for each cartridge already sold, and requiring that all remaining stock is destroyed. This is costing some resellers tens of thousands of Euros/Pounds.

These cases have once again underlined the importance of resellers ensuring they only deal with manufacturers who can guarantee their products are 100% patent-safe, or their entire business could be at risk.

Most recently The Recycler reported on the case of an Amazon vendor falling foul of Canon’s patents and being forced to reach a settlement.

Print-Rite Europe’s products use our patented dongle gear called the PR-2 gear, which is 100% patent safe and compatible with a wide range of cartridges and drums. Its innovative engineering means it operates simply and effectively, and most importantly guarantees resellers total peace of mind!

Print-Rite products will protect the reputation of your business!

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