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All Print-Rite Products are patent safe

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Why Patent Safe?

OEM patent infringements and the potential cost to your business have always been key in purchasing decisions, but recently the issue has become even more serious – and costly – for the distributors and resellers of the products in question!

Major printer brands and the owners of their patents have begun serving ‘cease and desist’ demands on SME resellers in Europe, and taking legal action against those who are selling products which are using toner cartridge parts that infringe these patents.

Print-Rite customers have always been able to relax in the knowledge that the products they purchase are patent-safe!

  • All Print-Rite products are 100% patent safe and do not infringe OEM patents

  • Print-Rite products are of premium quality while remaining lower cost alternatives to the OEM

  • Print-Rite guarantees continuity of product

  • We are proud of our extremely low ‘returns’ rate, less than 1%

  • We always provide a 12 month guarantee

  • Print-Rite products are manufactured to strict quality control tolerances

  • Print-Rite has all major accreditations and more.

  • UK and EU distribution facilities

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