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Make your own 3D Printed Tree Decorations this Christmas!

Make your own 3D Printed Tree Decorations this Christmas!
This week we made our very own customised snowflakes and we wanted to share with you how we did it because we think its pretty easy and it adds such a lovely touch to your Christmas tree!
We used Thingiverse to find the best files, once we had a few print-runs to see which we preferred we selected the below files. Each snowflake can be completed in under an hour and it makes for a nice Christmas craft project whether by yourself or with the whole family!


1. First we printed out the snowflakes from: (40 mins each on the CoLiD 2+) 

Each of our snowflake held a staff members name – yes that’s right – we printed out every single persons name within the company!
2. Second we printed out everyone’s name: (4 mins each, CoLiDo 2+)
3. Next we had to do a little DIY and stick the names onto the snowflakes….(which took about 2 seconds each!)
….and there you have it – your very own, customised snowflakes – a lovely personal touch to any Christmas tree!
If you make your we would love to see some pictures!
Merry Christmas!
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