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Letter from our CEO

Letter from our CEO

Message from our CEO


Dear Customer

What a difficult year we have all had and we hope you, your staff and your families are all safe and well.

We have all been living with Corona Virus since February/ March time and none of us could have envisioned that here at the end of the year our lives would be turned upside down with the pandemic getting worse rather than getting better. It is not only the effect on our businesses that is catastrophic but the effect on all of us. Each day we all wake up to new imposed COVID-19 restrictions that affect our businesses and customers.

Not only are we dealing with Covid-19, but we are also dealing with Brexit in the UK that takes effect on 1st January 2021 the details of which are still unknown. Good news is that we have already handled Brexit as it affects our EU customers by shipping orders from Holland to non- UK customers.  All European customers will now be Invoiced by PRP Solutions. This means we improve the delivery service to mainland European customer’s, so they are not affected by whatever Brexit brings. Inevitably we will see delays on imports and exports as a result of Brexit in UK.

New Corona Virus restrictions affect our incoming stock significantly in both UK and Holland. This issue is affecting every business as not enough port staff are available to clear imports, not enough containers are circulating to free up slots and shipping rates have increased as carriers see an opportunity to double and treble their prices. A shortage of trucks, containers and people has led to backlogs and delays at the main ports as they try to cope with the increased volume of goods coming into the UK. Most recently today, France is not letting any shipments from the UK into their Ports for at least 48 hours with DPD and DHL suspending all European shipments. Finally, we continue to experience delayed shipments both air and sea from our factories in China.

Inevitably this all has a drastic knock-on effect to our business and all of our customers.  We deeply apologise for this disruption and inconvenience but please be assured that we are doing everything that we possibly can to support you and your business with Print Rite products.  If you have back orders with us, we would urge you to keep these on the system as we do have containers and shipments arriving shortly and will get these products to you as soon as we can.

In the meantime, we thank you for your continued support and business through this very difficult and challenging time.

Best wishes for a Happy Christmas & New Year to you all from everyone here at Print Rite Europe.

Kind regards,

Steve Weedon
CEO – Print Rite Europe.

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