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It’s Print-Rite-Europe’s 20th Anniversary!

It’s Print-Rite-Europe’s 20th Anniversary!

This month Print-Rite Europe is celebrating a milestone – our 20th anniversary! To celebrate the anniversary we held a tree planting ceremony with our honoured guest, who had flown all the way from China – Mr Arnald Ho.

Following on from this was our 20th anniversary dinner, dance and awards ceremony! The event was hosted by Print-Rite Europe’s CEO, Tony Mills, and we were again delighted to be joined by the man who started it all – Mr Arnald Ho, the Chairman and founder of Print-Rite.

Mr Arnald Ho acquired the business in 1997 – then Mills Computer Products – a small, ribbon manufacturer in Langley Mill.

Thanks to Mr Arnald Ho’s vision and leadership, the business has grown to form one of the largest manufacturers in printer consumables and has even entered into a new market – 3D printing.

Despite our growth, Print-Rite Europe has remained a close-knit and friendly team who places value on people and relationships.

Print-Rite Europe employees gather with their partners for 20th anniversary event


To begin the awards ceremony, our 3D Marketing Executive Joe Banner, presented Mr Arnald Ho with a cycling trophy to represent the 5,944 miles we had cycled on our charity bike ride to China.

Mr Arnald Ho and Joe Banner (from left to right)


Other special guests (apart from the staff, of course!) were MP Nigel Mills who made a special speech and the Mayor and Mayoress, (Richard and Susan Iliffe) of Amber Valley who assisted with our ‘awards night’ ceremony!

(Photo shoot 1116-012) Print-Rite's 20th anniversary dinner at Morley Hayes.
Mayor Richard and Mayoress Susan Iliffe of Amber Valley, MP Nigel Mills, Mr Arnald Ho, Mrs Christine Mills (left to right)


During our ceremony, five members of staff won awards for their contribution, each receiving a 3D printed trophy with their winning title and a gift from the company ranging from a 3 night hotel getaway to a segway rally experience.

MP Nigel Mills, Mayor of Amber Valley Richard Iliffe, Tony Mills, Sean Boylan, Mr Arnald Ho, Bev Clarke, Jo Fletcher, Emma Fox, Karen Clarke, Joe Banner

The celebration was a great way to mark this milestone and to honour the people that made it possible, here’s to a new chapter and the next 20 years!


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