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How we 3D printed our life-size man!

How we 3D printed our life-size man!

Some of you may have already met our 3D printed human at the TCT show last month but for those of you who haven’t, say hello to Dave, our human sized 3D man!

This life-size model by voodoomfg was originally created by a 3D scan which was then created into a Body Labs model and cut up into 88 pieces, all small enough to print on a desktop 3D printer!

When we saw the life-size man we naturally decided to put our printers to work and recreate him to reside in our Print-Rite Europe offices!

Joe, our 3D printing expert printed out all 88 parts on our CoLiDo 3D desktop printers and then carefully stuck him together.

During printing we decided to make him extra colourful, using our range of CoLiDo filaments – and he certainly adds a touch of colour to the office!

If you wish to print your own 3D life-size man then he can be found on thingiverse at

p.s if you do decide to print your own 3D life-sized man then we’d love to see a picture!


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