We’re proud to announce that we now have our very own 3D printing hub! To celebrate, we invited our local MP, Nigel Mills to cut the ribbon and officially announce the hub as open! Our new 3D printing hub is now home to six of our CoLiDo 3D printers, all of which vary extensively by end
For most people a charity bike ride will involve a little training followed by a hard day in the saddle. For the Print-Rite Europe team the ordeal will last a little longer…but then we are heading for China! Yes, we’re crossing oceans and continents to reach our destination – the headquarters of Print-Rite in Zhuhai – 5,944 miles away. But despite the magnitude of the challenge we won’t be worrying about air transfers, visas, carrying luggage or mechanical breakdowns (although there could be a few of the physical variety!) – because our ‘journey’ will be undertaken aboard exercise bikes in the Print-Rite Europe reception at Amber Drive, Langley Mill.
Communicating loud and clear! We’ve just bolted a turbo-drive onto the Print Rite Europe communications machine, flicked the switch and we have lift-off! Our turbo-charged communications drive now features…
Print-Rite has recently made the news with its very own 3D Printed cow! The sculpture was created in conjunction with artists Huang Deming and Huang Zeyuan and printed using the CoLiDo Mega 3D printer.